How much CBD is the right amount?

We are often asked how much CBD is in our products. The perception is that a volume number such as 1000mg can then be compared to other products on the market. The reality is much more complex. First, CBD comes in many forms and descriptions, such as hemp oil, full spectrum oil, hemp seed oil, full spectrum etc. The CBD in all of these cases is just one of many ingredients and varies in both quality and quantity. The actual CBD molecule in a product claiming 1000mg of oil is usually much less than 20% and can be just trace amounts.

A different, much rarer and more expensive format for CBD is when the molecule is extracted from the oil carrier, arriving at CBD isolate, which is what MGC Derma uses. Even with isolate, wide variances occur firstly in the purity, where several percentage points closer to 100% can double or triple both the effectiveness and the cost. Secondly, further processing of the molecules and types of emulsions can make the CBD up to 10 times more effective again. Lastly, different versions absorb differently, and getting the correct levels of absorption may involve reducing the amount and intensity of CBD.

MGC Derma (MGC = medical grade cannabis) uses the patented process “Aquiol”, which provides CBD that performs at the highest levels.

We provide certificates to relevant authorities detailing our claims, but, given the reasons above—plus the practical aspect that our processes are patented and therefore, proprietary—we do not provide this information publicly.

We do hope that the fact we have chosen to showcase our CBD in the highest quality Swiss formulas signals our commitment to quality.